Elves dwellings (Various locations)


To build a elf house is as much a way to reconnect with childhood , as it is to create a bond with a pristine environment.

For an architect, as for a child, it starts with hunting for the natural building materials that are found in the woods. All you need is sticks, moss, small stones, pine cones, leaves. Perhaps even a feather or fallen flower for extra decoration and as a welcomung gift to their new home.


Once they have settled in your “housing project”, you must treat them with respect; they are very territorial, and upsetting their dwelling and congregation places can lead to mayhem for those creating the disturbance.


Their lore is woven into the magic of the land, where they are as much a part of an unseen universe as they are a part of nature itself,

It then makes sense why the elves have sometimes inspired environmental movements that fight against construction projects harming areas in which they believe elves live.

In my mind, designing and building elves’ houses is a cute way to proclaim the value of nature and becomes a ritualistic attempt to protect something meaningful.


the intensity of the landscape.

elf environs