Laying giant pipes in a seemingly senseless three-dimensional maze is definitely fun.

Engineers shouldn’t be allowed to do it. No doubt they know the rationale behind it (or at least they pretend to), but they rarely enjoy it. Which is indeed a shame.
Give an architect the chance to experiment and the results might be less straight to the point, but far more agreeable.

Larderello in Tuscany is a unique place, where geothermal energy was exploited for the first time in the world to produce electricity.
The steam that naturally, or through drilling, rises to the surface, is channeled through kilometers of pipes, to reach the turbines.
The Electricity Company needed to revamp the pipes, some almost a century old and definitely not looking good while crossing the picturesque Tuscan landscape.
All the more so in years when consciousness for nature conservation was burgeoning.

That might be the reason why, quite unexpectedly, I (an architect) was involved.
The fact that I was young, unexperienced and very grateful was perceived as a good way to avoid arguments.