2003 Building in a Box (Istanbul)

A derelict building from the 1940’s was to be demolished. The location is no more than one block from the Blue Mosque in a very trafficked street. Therefore very visible and ideal to do something that will catch attention and arouse curiosity.

My choice was to give no hint of what was to come, to create an unfathomable box of neat wooden planks, with a strong character of its own, derived from the texture of material used, rather than from any decorative or “architectural” detail.
For practical purposes just a wooden door and a first floor wooden bay, to evacuate demolition materials, were allowed.

A distant local acquaintance, a civil engineer, was kind and amused enough to allow me to design my first and so far only building with no windows.
I am genuinely grateful for this opportunity.

As a matter of record, I had no part in the design of what has been built behind the wall.