What can be more boring than a plain green field?
Relaxing, for sure.
Soothing, maybe.
But how long before you crave for something more diverse.
Crashing waves, ever-changing cloud shapes, breeze-tickled trees …, whatever!


So, anyway, stuck for a few days in contemplation of a beautiful green field, fairly soon, I was fed-up with the view and started wondering how I could contribute to shake things up, at least a tiny bit.

An abstract composition seemed likely, something simple that wouldn’t compromise the farmer’s work.
A line of electricity poles and isolated olive trees helped.
Parallel lines seemed like an unavoidable solution, creating a neat composition, aptly disrupted when a natural or man-made obstacle created a necessary diversion.
At sunset, when the result was at its best, I was quite proud of my successful, if ephemeral, contribution to an already gorgeous landscape.