Fifteen years after my kick-off artwork on a crowded Adriatic beach, I am still playing with sand, this time in the Gulf of Oman.

Making art on a sandy beach, consistency is all you need.

Consistency identifies what is feasible and how far you can push the boundaries of experimentation. Consistency shouldn’t be considered a limitation, but rather a framework. As such it can be quite helpful, especially when you venture on new ground.


Framework led me to create a new breed of alien creatures inhabiting the tideline certain seasons of the year, when the weather and the tides are favorable. Since they have a tendency to disintegrate when you touch them, it is difficult to tell if their strange shape is some sort of muddy carapace, a single rolled up reptilian entity or a bundle of symbiotic wormlike creatures. However, what really counts is that this thing, while not being cute, is quite photogenic.