2008 Bibracte Fontaine St Pierre

The Gallo-Roman site of Bibracte was a surprise. I went there to show my 12 years old daughter a place where Asterix might have lived. I had little expectations, but found instead a place of inspiration. I was particularly ravished by a natural spring, that had been walled in an uncertain era, and might have been used as a place of worship or, more prosaically, as a trough or a wash house.

The fact of intervening on a site that had been in use for more than 2 millennia was an incredible challenge, but one that proved impossible to resist.I had the first reservoir (the one where the spring water emerges) cleared of all the reeds and filled with charcoal to purify the water. The water trickles in the second lower reservoir through 3 artificial cracks in the containment wall, effectively stopping any residue larger than dust.
In the second reservoir I cleaned the greenery only in a central circle that I partially filled with pink granite specks that I found nearby in what possibly was a quarry for the stone blocks used to build Bibracte city walls.