2009 Flying Mice

Sometimes it takes so very little to give an unexpected twist to the reality we are accustomed to.

All you need are a Mickey Mouse and a Minnie balloon in a highly monitored environment.
Who’s going to question you at the luggage and passport controls of an overcrowded international airport? Surely you’re back from a week-end at Disneyland and your kids are somewhere behind you with their mother.
And who’s going to notice you when you set the balloons free in the huge departures hall? Surely it wasn’t intended, some desperate child must have lost them.

Of course there is no way they can be brought back to ground. That is unless someone shoots them down.
The two cheering mice are now leisurely wandering on the departure terminal ceiling, observing the passengers from above.
It’s all it takes to highjack the stark utilitarian architecture of an airport and give, even for a short moment, a fresh turn to normality.