Blacked out

We all know (or should know) monuments are far from eternal. History (including recent one) is full of monuments been destroyed or removed, following a change of regime or because the notion of what is politically correct has evolved (though not necessarily in the right direction).

However in the case of the equestrian monument dedicated to Garibaldi, nothing traumatic was being planned: just an overdue face-lift in preparation of the World Expo.

The monument being under wraps and surrounded by a scaffoldings, the usual option would have been a huge billboard, possibly to advertise the restoration sponsors.

To my surprise, my suggestion to temporarily “black out” the statue of Garibaldi was accepted.

As a result the perspective from the main street from the Duomo cathedral to the Sforzesco castle was emphasized.

From a greater distance the Filarete Tower is heightened, while walking towards the castle the tower slowly acquires a different shape: a slim dark structure surrounded by a cerulean sky.