2010 Micro Guerrilla Gardening

As many of us know, “Guerrilla gardening” is the act of greening  land you have no legal rights on.
In cities as dense a Milan it is almost impossible to find an abandoned plot of any size. And the little greenery left in this macadam jungle’s streets is cared for by the municipality, whose main concern is to not get involved in suits by people who had their car damaged by a falling branch.

That’s how I got the idea of symbolic microgardens showing how Nature is able to infiltrate and occupy even the smallest cracks in the well-trodden sidewalks of the most busy districts.

As an architect I am well placed to appreciate the original and sometimes haunting beauty of purely artificial man-made materials and finishes, such as concrete, metal or plastics.
But can you imagine the same photos with a bare sidewalk with no trace of greenery whatsoever?