2014 Dressed Chandeliers

The Church of Ta’ Giezu (St Mary of Jesus) in Valletta was founded by the Franciscans, but its decoration is very rich indeed, which might appear in contrast with the principles of a religious order whose austerity was meant to emulate the life and ministry of Jesus and required its members to live in extreme poverty and beg for food while preaching.
Knowing of my visit to Malta, a common acquaintance introduced me to the local Friars Minor who manage the church.
This is how they asked me if I could devise a simple, unexpensive and bold installation that would symbolize their adherence to the original principles.

Visiting the church I was struck by the overt richess of the chandeliers and I proposed to cover them with a most coarse sacking.
The result exceeded my expectations: congenial, highly visible and, I think, quite cheerful.

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