2014 The Nest

In 2014, by chance, in a café in the French Alps, I had a small chat with workers of a nearby granite quarry.
They told me they were in the process of salvaging a large quantity of half worked boulders that were the by-products of railroad construction in the early 1900’s. They thought that the place might be of interest for an architect and they invited me to have look.
The site was quite something, a chaotic hill of naked stones in the middle of the woods, that was being digged up by bulldozer. The most impressive boulders were selected and loaded on trucks to be sold to beautify landscaped chalets’ grounds.

I immediately seized the opportunity. While doing their job, could they move the stones in such a way to create an oversize sculture? It took no more than a week-end of play to create an evoking shape: a huge stone nest with a single egg.
I took a few pictures and agreed to return asap with a professional photographer and take some aerial photos.
Unfortunately, by the time I could make arrangements and the weather was fine enough, work had progressed and the setting had already been changed beyond recognition.

P.S. Interestingly the few pictures I published on internet at that time became fake news.
UFOlogists appropriated the photos, pretending it was some sort of mysterious crater in an utterly inaccessible region of Siberia. One more unexplained “scientific” mystery!

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