2015 Roots and Trees (Milano)

I designed this installation for an international consultancy company particularly sensitive to the well-being of its staff and aims to create an environment where emphasis is placed on informal communication and team building, including through the conviviality of food consumption.

I’m convinced that, particularly in an era of triumphant technologies, working with natural materials, such as wood, allows to rediscover and promote a dialogue between natural rhythms and contemporary corporate culture.
Hence the decision to propose of a reflection on spirit of the tree, which, whatever its size and age, through the network of its roots, the verticality of its trunk, the intricate web of its branches, expresses such a strong sense of vitality to be a source of endless inspiration.

I used roots, trunks and branches salvaged from a number of dead trees that had been uprooted by storms or cut down for being sick. I reassembled the loose limbs into forms that would fit into their new environment, thus creating an itinerary of sculptural presences that convey the trees intrinsic presence and strength.

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