2015-16 Cracking

Houses of any age move and shift subtly over time. As a consequence cracks in the walls are as common as they are unpredictable. Most the time they are just an unsightly and costly nuisance; quite rarely do they form interesting graphic compositions.

As an architect I have experienced the most common mistakes made by masons, plasterers and painters, that might lead to fissure and cracking;  I have come to know how to prevent them and of course I understand the damaging consequences of using the wrong processes.

As an architect I also sometime wonder what a house I built will look like in 20 years or in 2 centuries.

A house renovation in Paris was the perfect opportunity to experiment on how to increase defects and accelerate decaying: to actually plan cracks and peeling.
Indoors and oudoors.
Though I was generally pleased with the results, I regretted not to have played with a variety of colours on the different layers exposed to the decay process.

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