2016 Chalet on the Roof (Rome)

Once upon a time there was a building in prime location in the heart of the EUR business district in Rome. It sat as an abandoned empty frame for many years, until the office building next door was leased to a company that had hired our architectural practice to renovate their facilities.
As a consequence the landlord of the derelict frame was summoned to find a quick way to conceal his eyesore property. With whiteish canvas he cheaply covered the facades. Still the ugly terraced roof and protruding stairs volume still remained prominent, particularly embarassing when viewed from the top management offices of our client.

Half jokingly I suggested a green roof with a garden pavilion in the middle.
My proposal was accepted.
However the budget was far too meagre and it had to be zero maintenance, therefore with no living greenery.

I revised the design accordingly to create a kind of mock movie stage, with a meadow of plastic grass and, in the middle, an unpretentious suburban pavillion, with printed fake roof tiles, fake brick walls, fake green blinds and entrance door.
Ultimately only the fence and the letterbox (yes, there is one by the fake door) were real!

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