This installation was conceived as a very temporary art installation on the Palazzaccio (the “bad Palace”) a wedding cake architecture of the 1900’s that is the seat of the Supreme Court in Rome.

However permission being was denied at the last minute.

Luckily an art-loving landlord put forward a building in via del Corso.

Of course it reminds Christo wrappings, but it was really hard to resist the temptation  of covering the two rather nondescript sculptural groups at the top building and trasform them into a disquieting presence.

Once wrapped in cheap canvas each group became a single bulky three-headed entity.

Forgotten divinities on the top of overdecorated urban shrine?

Public figures condemned to damnatio memoriae?

Or, on the contrary, are they the latest superheroes, stars of a movie soon to be released?

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