2018 Fil Rouge

According to a Chinese legend we are all born with a red string tied to our left hand’s little finger. It is believed to be the string of our destiny.

When Iliad, a French mobile phone operator, decided to expand its business in Italy, I was asked to design their new offices in Milan and Rome. To convey a strong identity and visual connection through all work environments I suggested a sinuous “Fil Rouge” of bright red light, Iliad’s corporate color.
The thread of red light guides staff and visitors through functionally different spaces, all linked by common objectives: ability to think and act outside the box, teamwork to achieve ambitious results, well-being.
Dense knots of light emphasize the presence of focal points: collaborative office spaces dedicated to formal and informal meetings, access to vertical circulation.

The “Fil Rouge” is also meant to be highly visible from the street, spreading the message that something seriously innovative is happening inside the building.

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