2018 Tears in Paris

What an opportunity!
Every few months, clearing out the stratification of advertising posters saturating the dedicated spaces in the Paris Metro becomes a necessity.
When the RATP, the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisien, asked me to imagine a cheerful solution to emphasize the renovation of line no. 1 stations, I found it almost too obvious to work with the technique of décollage *.

Though it would be difficult to deny a kinship with the pioneering work of the 1950’s New Dada and Mimmo Rotella, I feel that this work is fully original and contemporary, with a definite twist towards abstract compositions with a richer palette of fuller colours and multiple hues.

* The opposite of the collage procedure, décollage  is a technique that instead of adding elements of the work,  starts from an object from which the parts are detached.

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