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2019 Corrugated Echo (Milano)

At the end of the XIXth century several French and English firms successfully manufactured almost any kind of corrugated iron buildings. They included family residences, warehouses, hospitals, even churches and town halls.
Most were prefabricated and many exported to faraway colonies and territories.

Nonetheless, to my knowledge, no one ever attempted to clad with corrugated steel an entire high-rise building.
When I was finally given a chance to do it, I found the result aesthetically quite rewarding.
I have always been fascinated by the potentialities of this material, particularly by its ever changing hues and its distinctive aptitude to refect light.
Too bad the metal surface remained pristine only a few too short days before advertising took ver most of it.

Now the musical side: clapping hands while standing close to the perpendicular corrugated sheets generates a high-pitched echo, but more interestingly a similar and rather disquieting result is obtained by playing an appropriate recorded tune.
Serialism music is served!


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