Raison d’être

At The Palais de la Monnaie in Paris, in one of the historic rooms hosting the Thomas Schutte exhibition, I eluded the strict surveillance of guards and cameras to demarcate two small areas on the old floor tiles of a Salon.

With a tape normally used to delimit construction sites, I orchestrated a tiny foray of bright color and modernity.

Was it subsequently noticed? Yes, for sure. But for the right reasons? Hardly so, I bet. Two weeks later nobody had dared to remove the tape and, certainly, to question its presence.  If these two small squares had been been cordoned, for sure there must have been a reason!

The well-known phrase by Gabriele D’annunzio “cosa fatta capo ha” came to my mind. It means that “a thing once done acquires its own reason for being”. Therefore it can hardly be undone.

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