2019 Strawehenge (Talamone)

Civilizations come and go. Some faster than others.
For sure straw is a construction material less durable than stone.

While I was in Maremma, I came across a stretch of flat farmed land, reclaimed from marshes and framed by dark wooden hills. The wheat field had been freshly harvested and was littered by straw bales.
I was struck by the beautiful texture of compacted straw and I immediately thought of the possibility to rearrange the bales according to some monumental and rectilinear pattern. So I got in touch with the sharecropper, who was amused enough to help me.

The final result lends itself to manifold interpretations.
It might have been a burial ground for agrarian kings, with huge memorial markers being re-built at each new harvest.
Or temporary watch towers protecting a rapidly shifting border.
Or maybe a steeple chase waiting for giant athletes, or for some extra-large trained beast.
Or possibly a checkers play requiring large teams to move a pawn and requiring years to complete (of course it would be impossible to check the status of the game without a hot air ballon or a drone).

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