2021 No, it’s not Cattelan (Paris)

Are stuffed pigeons better than the live version?
One might say: at least they don’t defecate.
Can this be the main justification for sculptures?
They are kind of permanent and, contrarily to tableaux vivants, they don’t need to poop from time to time?

This obviously cannot be.
A truthful explanation is that the presence of both stuffed pigeons at the Bourse du Commerce and of those in front of Beaubourg is a provocative and humorous work of art staged by the pigeons themselves.

In my case I merely recorded how their droppings interact with the graffiti of a derelict van, fittingly abandoned next to a world-renowned contemporary art museum.
In Pinault Foundation’s case, the same community of pigeons took advantage of Cattelan’s fame to facilitate the creation of a commemorative monument celebrating the birds unremitting contribution to the urban landscape.

Too bad Cattelan forgot to acknowledge.


Crossroads / Intrecci
– Maurizio Cattelan, Bourse du Commerce, 2021